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Seeking Draven: A Teacher Resource

SEEKING DRAVEN: A Teacher Resource

Created by Michelle Schira Hagerman, PhD, Associate Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education, and Michael F. Stewart, author of Seeking Draven (Red Deer Press, 2024). This resource is based on the Ontario Language Arts Curriculum for Grades 4-6 but is broadly applicable across North America. 

“In this striking novel-in-verse, Michael Stewart presents a poignant tale of growing up, leaning in, falling out, and managing hard truths. Using free verse, wordplay, concrete poetry, and more, Stewart's story provides a lovely mycorrhizal mutualism for readers of all ages.”


K.A. Holt, award winning author of Ben Bee and the Teacher Griefer.

“Seeking Draven is a call to reexamine our relationship to the wired world.”

– Katherine Lawrence, acclaimed author of Stay.

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