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Summative Activity

Updated: May 6

This activity follows Lesson 7, after the completion of the student networks. 

On a wall, display the students’ representations of their personal networks. What areas overlap between students? What categories of network nodes are common to most students? Are the students connected offline and online? What would a network of their combined networks look like?


Our networks are representations of what matters most to us. They form a part of our identity. Does the combination of all of our networks create a representation of what matters most to our community? How so, how not?

Based on what they’ve learned in this activity and the preceding lessons, what changes would the students suggest social media companies make to common social media networks that would better honour their identities and what matters to the community? 


In a format of their choice (text or video), students prepare a statement to social network companies, suggesting changes and improvements that would further respect what matters to their personal and community networks. 

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