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This is a resource for teachers teaching grades four through six and covers aspects of digital literacy and language arts. Our mission is to empower young students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a digital world. Through engaging and interactive content, we aim to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and responsible digital citizenship. 

Dr. Michelle Schira Hagerman

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Through her research, Michelle Schira Hagerman examines the complexities of digital literacies learning, teaching and research practices in contexts of schooling. Using the Dual Level Theory of New Literacies (Leu et al., 2013; 2018) she has worked to describe how adolescents learn to critically evaluate and synthesize what they understand as they conduct research on science topics in school. She also studies the digital literacies skills, strategies, and mindsets that students leverage through digital-physical making activities in their classrooms and dedicated making spaces at school. Through this research she is working to develop critical practices that enable all students to leverage their voices, their interests, and their many linguistic and cultural assets to show who they are and what they understand. A first-generation university graduate who grew up on a farm in rural southwestern Ontario, she is also developing a line of inquiry that examines the complexities of digital literacies instruction in rural Ontario classrooms. She is interested in how to close digital skills and empowerment divides for rural youth through the implementation of culturally relevant, evidence-based interventions that support the learning of foundational digital literacies skills, strategies, and mindsets.

Michael F. Stewart


Michael F. Stewart has authored over two dozen books for kids and young adults. With works ranging from interactive digital epics and graphic novels to humorous middle grade and surreal young adult novels, Michael enjoys stretching the limits on his storytelling and working with other authors young and old to tell their stories. He has an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and lives in Ottawa with his partner, four daughters, a cat, and a dog.


To learn more about Michael and his next projects visit his website.

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